Notice of the BORA project.


BORA NFT Naming Event Winner Announcement


Hello everyone, this is BORA team

Today we’ll be making a winner announcement for the long-awaited BORA NFT Naming Event!

First, we’d like to give our thanks to those who’ve participated in our ‘BORA NFT Naming Event’ from 10th till the 26th of May.

The selection process was conducted fairly via internal voting and discussion. The winner selection process took longer than expected since there were so many bright and original ideas. J As we mentioned at the start of the event, the winners were chosen according to the keywords such as #Non-Fungible #Uniqueness #Intuitiveness #Friendly that highlights our brand image of #Marine ecosystem #BORA branding.

(In terms of selecting a winner, with identical concepts, ‘First come, first served’ method was employed.)

With total prize pool of 5,500 BORA, here are the winners of the event. Congratulations to those who’ve been chosen!


I BORA Pearl(gen**
: Incomparable to other gems, Pearl is a unique jewel hidden in the sea.


I BORA Sora(poh*****
: The tough exterior of Sora ('Sora': Korean word for Conch) protects the innate valuables inside. 

I BORA Gem(eng***
: Gems each have their unique qualities and shine.

I BORA Octopus (sal***********
: Octopus can adapt to their surroundings, thus highly versatile.


I BORA Tohu(rel********
: Tohu is the god of tattoo in local legend, where BoraBora Island is part of, Tohu can draw beautiful, unique tattoos of sea creatures.   

I BORA Phyton(cyb*****
: Phyton is an anagram of the work phytoplankton, creatures that are vital for the marine ecosystem.

I BORA Vender (mor*****
: Similar to the word 'vendor'(meaning trader), the vender spelling comes from the word 'Lavender' which translates as light purple colour (BORA-Vender)

I BORA Poseidon(sig******
: Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, was chosen in hopes that BORA will conquer the blockchain industry.

I BORA Abyss (uri*****
: Like BORA ecosystem, BORA Abyss is a name given to illustrate the fact that, the more you get to know, NFTs inspire us to explore further into the unknown.

I BORA Dolphin(hwa******
: Just like "Sang-gueng-e" the smiley Korean endogenous species of dolphins, BORA Dolphin is a name given to wish that NFTs will roam around the BORA ecosystem freely like the dolphins in the sea.

I BORA Mineral(m.s*******
: The mineral is a vital part of the marine ecosystem and a distinctive characteristic of sea water.

I BORA Cete (kim*****
: Cete is a short abbreviation of the Latin word 'Cetacean'(the group of mammals like whales, dolphins). The whale is a symbol to represent the market leader in the financial industry, and the mammal is known to be friendly.

I BORA Beluga (dre***
: Friendly and intelligent, Beluga is a type of unique dolphins.

I BORA Marea(cho********
: Wishing that BORA's NFTs will be a fresh breeze in the blockchain industry, like the Spanish word for sea breeze 'Brisa Marina.'

The 1st place winner will receive 3,000 BORA, and the submitted BORA NFT name with all of its copyrights will now belong to BORA & Way2Bit.

The 2nd place winners (3 persons) will each receive 500 BORA, and the 3rd place winners (10 persons) will each receive 100 BORA. The prizes will be transferred to the submitted wallet address.

The purpose of this event was to ‘incorporate the BORA community’s ideas when naming BORA NFT.’ The event was successful due to the community being actively involved when participating. Again, thank you so much for your participation and support.

To establish the BORA ecosystem with our community members, we plan to initiate different kinds of events, and we look forward to your continued support and interest in BORA.

Thank you.

BORA team.