Notice of the BORA project.


BORA NFT(Non Fungible Token) Naming Event


We would like to reflect your idea in BORA’s NFT service and to do so, we have organized an event to give a new name to BORA’s NFT.

Currency used on BORA platform, exchangeable with BORA token based on ERC-20, is called ‘BORA Shell.’ It comes from the Cowry shell, the very first global money unit. In the process of building a brand identity, we wish to give BORA NFT a meaningful name reflecting ideas from the BORA community.

Please refer to the following for detailsof the NFT naming event.


1.     ‘BORA’s NFT Naming Event’

2.     For: Anyone interested in Digital Contents platform BORA.

3.     Date: May 10th(Fri) ~ May 26th(Sun) 24:00

4.     Concept:

l  Name that connotes #Marine-Ecosystem #Currency #Uniqueness #Intuitiveness #Friendly.

l  If it contains the properties of the NFT such as #Non-replaceable #Tradable the chances of winning will Double-up!

l  Shell, Sand, Coral,  Reef are already in use

5.     How to participate: Submit your ideas <CLICK HERE.>

6.     Reward:

l  1st Place (one person): 3,000 BORA

l  2nd Place (three people): 500 BORA

l  3rd Place (ten people): 100 BORA

7.     Winner announcement: Winning ideas will be selected based on BORA team discussion. We will reach out to the winners directly, and the winning names will be announced via BORA Medium on May 28th.

8.     Important Notes:

l  When chosen by BORA, you relinquish all rights to the names, and the copyrights belong to WAY2BIT and BORA.

l  In case of receiving the same ideas, the winner will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

l  If the submitted names are inadequate, there may not be a winner.


We look forward to seeing brilliant ideas from the BORA community.


BORA Team.