Notice of the BORA project.


Test Net for Everyone: ‘BORA LAGOON’ update


Test Net for Everyone: ‘BORA LAGOON’ update

BORA LAGOON, opened on October 2018, is a test service facility designed for everyone.

It has similar properties to the BORA ISLAND (scheduled to be released on Q3 2019), where developers can test the API produced by BORA, implement it on the developing project (APP), and carry out demo service.

Users can access and experience projects that are enlisted on BORA LAGOON, in which they can also participate in service improvement. 

[BORA LAGOON BETA2: Added features]

1. UNIT5’s ‘Push Sushi for BORA’ release 

* The above project is a demo service and the recorded data may be erased in the future.

2. BORA token transferred to Ethereum Ropsten testnet from its original development facility.

3. 10 BORA tokens issued once per Account 

4. Membership function reinforced through security authentication and integrated membership

5. RNG (Random Number Generation) API and Sample App release

[BORA EXPLORER BETA2 main features]

1. RNG (Random Number Generation) verification feature added 

The method of adding tokens has changed, for the purpose of carrying out demonstration service in similar condition as the BORA ISLAND.

From now on, only 10 BORA tokens will be issued once per account and the ratio of 1:1000 will be applied to the exchange system where 1 BORA token = 1000 BORA Shell.

BORA LAGOON is Ethereum Ropsten’s testnet environment. Therefore, BORA Tokens and BORA Shells on BORA LAGOON will not be the real tokens that exists in the Ethereum mainnet and can only be used for testing purposes.

Please DO NOT SEND any Ethereum main net BORA Tokens to the testnet wallets. 

The latest version of BORA LAGOON is BETA 2. Through your constructive feedback we will maintain our efforts in improving our platform with new features and service updates. And we ask for your continuous support and opinion.     

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