Notice of the BORA project.




Introducing 'BORA Lagoon', the first product of the project 'BORA'.

BORA Lagoon is a space for developers.

1. BORA Lagoon provides BORA's testnet environment. It allows developers to test the APIs provided by BORA and apply them to their applications, they are developing.

2. BORA Lagoon plans to update new APIs, development/testing environment, and new information.

3. At BORA Lagoon, developers can ask questions at support menu or make suggestions by the developer forum (to be updated).

4. BORA Team intends to solve major issues of future BORA project's product and concurrently to improve stability and performance through thorough evaluation and by developer feedback from Lagoon. At the same time, we will continue to update the development environment and the correlated tools to meet the needs of developers.

Current version release includes following :

(*) Introduction of BORA Project and BORA Lagoon

(*) Documentation for API and development

(*) Available to create BORA and BORA Shell wallets, test token, test sample app

(*) BORA Explorer (BORA Chain Block Explorer) in a testnet environment

(*) Announcements and Support menu

It will be updated regularly in the future.

Here are some suggestions for using the BORA Lagoon.

BORA Lagoon provides a testnet environment. Hence, the BORA Token and the BORA Shell token are not actually existing in the mainnet, and the testnet tokens are not compatible with the mainnet tokens. Therefore, it can only be used for test purposes. Also, we never ask you to send the BORA Token and BORA Shell Token from the mainnet to the token wallet address on the testnet.

Right now, BORA Lagoon is in the alpha public state. From time to time, major problems can be discovered and resolved, maintenance for stability and performance testing, and data reset can be made without prior consent. According to the development roadmap, the beta will be released to the public.

All members of the BORA portal are striving hard so that they can show their products to all during the first half of 2019. We sincerely thank all of you for your resumed interest in the BORA project and we look forward to your continued support and encouragement to our BORA team.

Then experience BORA LAGOON from now on!

Thank you.

(*) Developers who use the development environment of 'BORA LAGOON' can find the guide Documents.

(*) The BORA team is waiting for your feedback.