Introduce of the BORA project.

Project 'BORA'

Hello, we are the BORA team.We proudly announce that the official testnet ‘BORA Lagoon’ is open to public.BORA Island is a decentralized digital content platform that connects content providers to the blockchain. We want to give providers and developers more control over their content and resources.The main goal of BORA Island is to make it simpler for content providers to enter the blockchain ecosystem. There are currently a lot of barriers to entry such as lack of technical understanding and high development costs. This has led to many content providers missing out on using the blockchain ecosystem which could help improve their experience for the people consuming their content. Through BORA Island, our team will build an efficient environment with toolkits for content providers and developers such as the interconnection of blockchains and content services, possession and transfer of digital assets, and storage and sharing of data which requires trust.A lagoon is an area of shallow water separated from the sea. BORA platform also can be described as a separated test environment. BORA Lagoon will continue to be updated in the future so that improvements can be implemented. We hope that through BORA Lagoon, we will be able to cooperate with developers on the development of BORA Island.

BORA Features and Architecture Overview

BORA is a scalable high performance platform with a side chain applied over the Ethereum network.

1BORA Features

  • Scalability: A modular structure that can add side chains to accommodate the diverse needs of content providers.
  • High Performance: PoA(Proof of Authority) Secures 2,200 TPS per side chain (as of now) by adoption of PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm, and linear performance by adding side chain node (2,200 TPS x ∂ = ß).
  • Isolation: Ensures an independent service environment by minimizing inter-content interference by modular architecture.
  • Accessibility: Provides a development environment that refers to the context and meets the needs of content providers, from simple connectivity to the platform at minimal cost, to implementation of smart contract-based Dapp.
  • Variety: Two-layered chain and token structure solves commission and performance problems and can be combined with a variety of digital content (e.g. data-driven services such as games, entertainment, and health information).

2BORA Architecture Overview

Stability and usability are secured with a dual-chain structure utilizing the decentralized Ethereum network.
  • PoA: Transaction processing performance to meet large user services
  • Multi-channeling: Secures scalability and service availability
  • Module structure: Unit application independence, stability guaranteed

About BORA Lagoon

We are opening up BORA Lagoon, a space where we can check and experience the development process of BORA and work together with developers. BORA Lagoon will be operated as a communication space with developers and will continue to develop.Based on BORA roadmap, we will first showcase three prototypes to be offered in the future, and the products and features will continue to be updated. Please refer to prepared guides and documents to participate in the development environment yourself.

1BORA Test Ground

You can test the functions of wallet management, token transaction and exchange of tokens to be used in BORA. In addition, we provide sample content that is actually implemented in BORA Chain for reference in development and testing.

2BORA Toolkit for BORA Lagoon

Provides platform interoperability-related REST APIs for content providers to perform test development.

3BORA Explorer for BORA Lagoon

You can view transaction information recorded in BORA chain during development and testing


We do not think the BORA Island can be completed through the efforts of our development team alone. We also rely on developer and content providers from all over the planet to help us achieve our goals. The BORA Island team dreams of a platform that works, grows and evolves. We look forward to your continued support and participation. Thank you for your interest in our project.Regards, BORA team


The functions provided by BORA Lagoon can be suspended depending on the situation, and performance problems may occur if there is a heavy load. Also, the usage method may change.