Documents of the BORA project.


This document is a guide to explain the prerequisites for using BORA Lagoon.

Technical Prerequisites

It is designed to make it easy for any general application developer to take advantage of the development tools and features provided by the BORA platform. In addition, BORA platform development tools do not have dependencies on programming languages, so you do not have to learn a separate language or new tools to use BORA chains and tokens. However, some of the following knowledge will help you to understand this information.

Better To Know

In order to take advantage of the development tools and features provided by BORA platform, you need to have prior knowledge of the following technologies.

General Concepts of Blockchain

It does not require a professional level of understanding, but if you have an understanding of blockchain-based technologies and terminology, you can easily comprehend the explanation that follows.

How to use OS

Some of the instructions that follow include Linux and macOS commands. Prior knowledge is required for general commands and others.

Understanding of REST API

The core functions of the BORA platform are provided in a form of REST APIs. If you have a knowledge of REST API, it will help you to understand.

Need to Know

Understanding Javascript

Examples that are introduced are composed of Javascript and Node.js server, so you need relevant knowledge. However, there is a description to make it understandable even if you are not a Javascript professional developer, so if you have experience creating other applications, you can understand them.

Joining BORA Testnet

There must be an address on BORA platform in order to connect the application. An address means a unique identification value that identifies the parties for all transactions occurring on the blockchain. There are two types of addresses:

Address for content providers

  • The content provider must have a unique address for the service users and transactions and must get an OAuth2.0 key required to use API.
  • The BORA platform will release address generation and authentication key issuance functions for service providers. However, we provide the address and authentication key information for the service provider which has been released for testing purposes so that you can test it now. Please note that the authentication key information is introduced in the example.

General User Account and Address for Service Use

  • Content applications connected to BORA platform will facilitate token transactions between users or token transactions between content providers and users. Therefore, in addition to the content provider's address, you also need the address of a general user account for application development and testing. In the Testnet environment of BORA platform, we provide BORA Test Ground to create user's address through simple membership subscription. Please create a test account here and try it.