Documents of the BORA project.

BORA Platform Integration

BORA team believes that the easiest way for developers to understand and test the BORA platform is to experience a simple sample of integrated function while releasing the first testnet version “BORA Lagoon” and development tools for the BORA platform which have been developed to date. As a result, we will be releasing a simple game as an example which is integrated with the BORA platform in the testnet version of “BORA Lagoon”. This will provide both basic concept of integration within BORA platform and its functional operation. We will continue to add series of sample programs as an example for developers to understand better and use them as case study in the future.We understand that limited number of sample programs are not enough to demonstrate full-spectrum usage of the BORA platform. Nevertheless, we believe that sample programs are a good starting point from which to understand how to integrate with content applications. We look forward to the developers discovering various insights to take full advantage of the BORA platform by utilizing integration guides and different samples of program. And in our new version of BORA Lagoon platform, we encourage you to apply inspired ideas to develop new applications based on the sample programs that were previously integrated by us. If you have any ideas for development tools or integration models that are not currently available, please let us know anytime.If you want to install BORA Lagoon Network, see the following page.BORA Lagoon Network
The samples currently implemented on the BORA Lagoon are as follows.Game example - Pacman