Documents of the BORA project.

BORA Test Ground

This document introduces the functions provided in the 'BORA Test Ground' menu and guides you through how to use it.

BORA Test Ground overview

The BORA Island provides membership, wallet, token exchange and manage functions. Users can subscribe to membership through the BORA Island, manage assets such as the BORA Token and SHELL, and use the content applications interconnected with the platform using tokens.BORA Test Ground provides some of the BORA Island features as a test version. Developers can take advantage of a variety of features such as membership, token acquisition and exchange, and content interconnection in a test environment.

BORA Wallet

Upon completion of signing up the membership, several different wallet addresses will be provided to manage BORA Token and also utilize on the content application that was integrated previously with the platform. These addresses will be confirmed on the menu of 'MY Token' and concept of each wallet address will be described briefly.

BORA Token Address

When users complete their BORA membership subscription, they will receive a BORA Token Address. The users can transfer their BORA Tokens to the BORA Token Address provided by the platform and use it inside the platform.

This environment is a Testnet. Please do not send the BORA Tokens that you own in the actual Mainnet environment to this address

SHELL Main Address

Users can exchange BORA Tokens in the BORA Token Address within the platform for SHELL to use for content apps which are interconnected with the platform. Hence, the platform provides SHELL Main Address with BORA Token Address. Users can distribute SHELL and SHELL Main Address to each content app address, and utilize it for contents use.

The BORA platform provides an environment in which multiple content applications can connect and service with SHELL. Hence, a SHELL address for each content app is provided so that the users' needed SHELL tokens can be provided and managed securely. Users can use and distribute the desired number of SHELL inside the desired content's SHELL App Address. In addition, the users can also withdraw the SHELL distributed to the SHELL App Address at any time to their own SHELL Main Address.If you understand the concept of each address above, please see the description below and experience the test function.

Provided Features

Sign up for membership and Login

A simple membership subscription is required to use the features provided in the BORA Test Ground menu. All information you enter when you sign up is encrypted and will not be used for any purpose other than providing a test environment.After signing up, you can login by entering the email address and password you entered when registering.

Making a deposit and withdrawal of BORA Token

The function of external deposit and withdrawal availability of BORA Token which possessed by each user is provided via the product of 'BORA Island'. In the menu of 'BORA Token', there are 'Deposit' and 'Withdrawal' options. From these options, the corresponding function can be confirmed at the level of the testnet version in 'BORA Lagoon'. Since BORA Lagoon is a testnet version, trial BORA Token has a limited function for external transfer availability in both deposit and withdrawal. Trial BORA Token will be deposited into corresponding wallet directly only for testing purpose. Click on the 'Send me test BORA Token' and receive them in the corresponding wallet and use them to make a trial run.

Exchanging for SHELL

The SHELL must be retained to use the apps which are integrated with the BORA platform. The SHELL can be acquired through exchanging BORA Tokens. From the 'Exchange' menu, you can swap trial BORA Token to SHELL and transfer your desired amount to SHELL Main Address. You can also exchange SHELL that is owned by SHELL Main Address to trial BORA Token in the other way around.

Assigning SHELL to an application-specific wallet

The SHELL acquired through Token Exchange exists in user's SHELL Main Address. To use the SHELL in a specific application, the desired quantity needs to be distributed to the application-specific wallet address (SHELL App Address).When you click on the 'SHELL' menu, at the upper top, there will be information of 'SHELL' possessed by the corresponding 'SHELL Main Address,' and you can transfer the SHELL to your desired application. At the lower list of application, click on the 'Distribution' button and then input amount of SHELL that you need to transfer to the address of the corresponding app. If the app is not showing on the list, please play the game first and recheck it once again for the app to appear in the list.
Oppositely, the SHELL existing in the App Address can be withdrawn (Retrieve button) to the user's SHELL Main Address.

Checking transaction history of BORA Token and SHELL

Transaction history of BORA Token and SHELL in regarding of deposit, withdrawal, exchange, and transfer can be found in the menu of 'History'.
The types of history inquiry are as follows.
  • Exchange: Exchange between BORA Tokens and SHELL
  • Deposit: Transfer from SHELL Main Address to SHELL App Address
  • Withdrawal: Transfer from SHELL App Address to SHELL Main Address
  • Transfer: Token transmitted on the same App
    • Gain: If the amount comes in by transfer (i.e., if received)
    • Spend: If the amount goes out by transfer (i.e., if sent)