Documents of the BORA project.

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BORA Lagoon provides an environment where developers can understand the platform and test BORA Toolkit interoperability. BORA Lagoon provides a node set in the form of a test version of BORA. The node set consists of one 'BORA Token' node where the transaction of BORA Token occurs and three BORA Shell nodes (Side Chains) where transactions of BORA Shell occur.Developers can only access some environments for testing purposes.
NoNodeDescriptionTools for connection
1BORA Token Testnetethereum-based local Testnet NodeToken Manager
2BORA Shell Testnet 1BORA Shell Node for demo gamesSample Game (TowerBlocks)
3BORA Shell Testnet 2BORA Shell Node that can be tested using Dev Toolkit (for general users)Dev Toolkit + client Id + client Secret
4BORA Shell Testnet 3BORA Shell Node that can be tested using Dev Toolkit (for partners)Dev Toolkit + client Id + client Secret
BORA Lagoon is open to all developers without any restrictions to ensure a smooth testing environment. However, the BORA Lagoon is not a formal service version and may be unstable because it is still under development. Therefore, please use it for testing purposes only. Also, the BORA team will try to provide a stable test environment, but nevertheless the information in the node can be initialized at any time. It may be initialized in the following cases, but not necessarily in these cases only.
  • If initialization is required due to lack of resources (e.g. when there are insufficient resources such as CPU, disk, memory, etc.).
  • If the Node is unstable, or if it is determined that a Node restart or initialization is necessary.
  • If an external attack, such as DDoS, is detected or persists.
  • Other cases when it is determined that initialization is necessary for stable Node operation.
We advise users to be fully aware of this.